First Ever HeartSprings Safe Water System in Africa

Dateline: February 11, 2010, Yamoussoukro, Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa

Written by:  Tim Taylor

The Protestant Baptist Church of Works and Missions occupies a 6 story building in Yopougon, a suburb of over one million people near Abidjan, Ivory Coast.  Began 35 years ago by Pastor Yaye Dion Robert, the congregation has swelled to over 190,000 members.  Those interested in membership in the church participate in 6 months of intensive discipleship which includes deliverance and personal attention from one of the over 2500 formally recognized volunteers in the church.  Often a person attends the church and a small group for more than nine months before receiving permission to be baptized.  Within their first year of members, each member is directed to a ministry where they are trained and released to serve according to their gifts.  This church is an army that is taking their community, their city, and their nation for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Dion has had a vision for over 10 years of totally recreating his nation according to the blessings of the Kingdom of God.  Cultivating relationships from around the world for financial capital and spiritual support, he has a vision for building hospitals and schools and universities as well as medical clinics and jobs training facilities.  His sights do not settle on the Ivory Coast, but he believes that his church will transform all of West Africa and be a model for the world to follow.

In early February, I was able to participate in the official launching of the humanitarian projects in Cote d'Ivoire.  In an open field the size of a major ballpark, we met with dignitaries that included the President and the First Lady of the Republic.  The First Lady is an active and outspoken believer who several years ago called the nation to fast and pray.  Many attribute the ending of the civil war to this single act.  It was most enjoyable to hear my father, Jack Taylor, speak like a politician to the august gathering of the highest leaders of this West African nation, and to hear the President of the Republic preach like a he was at a camp meeting of old.  It was a great beginning to an ambitious dream to transform a nation.

HeartSprings has had a heart for transformation from her beginning.  So it was appropriate that I was present at the summit of leaders that took place the following week in the capitol city of Yamoussoukro.  Several spiritual fathers from the US came to give covering to the work in Africa.  These included the afore mentioned Jack Taylor, and Ralph Neighbour Jr., and Bob Phillips of Houston, as well as Jim Hylton, and Bob Roberts of the DFW metroplex.  I was given the privilege of bringing the closing message on Thursday evening and God led me to speak on the most significant relationship in the Kingdom of God.  I shared that our evangelism and our ministries are strongly influenced by our personal relationship with the Father in heaven.  We are either sons or orphans.  A son serves from his father's pleasure, knowing he has been accepted and approved.  An orphan serves to gain his father's acceptance because he thinks he must earn God's acceptance and approval.  The difference is staggering and the effect it has on our ministry is powerful.  Since we are the sons of God and have received His Spirit of adoption, we are free to serve to please the Father.  We do not have to serve Him to gain His approval because we already have it. Love and peace reign in the heart of a son, while fear and competition rage in the depths of an orphan.  Many churches are led by orphans and create more orphans.  We need to receive the love of the Father and become sons who become fathers who produce sons who become fathers and so on and so on.  This is the process of Kingdom transformation.

We live in a day when God is indeed turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the children to their fathers. (Malachi 4:6)  We live in an unprecedented time of awakening to the need for spiritual generational transfer.  Fathers are returning to their spiritual sons and sons are finding spiritual fathers.  I took time in my message to honor both my earthly father and one of my spiritual fathers, Dion Robert.  We honor our heavenly father when we honor our earthly fathers.  In this time of honor I shared the miracle of 2 Kings 2 where Elisha healed a community by healing their water with salt.  I declared that God was still healing nations by healing their water with salt and presented a HeartSprings Safe Water System to the people of West Africa through Pastor Dion Robert.  This safe water system will be part of the humanitarian project which will include bringing many sons to glory by meeting their felt needs in order to meet their real eternal need for Jesus Christ.

It is my prayer that this first unit given to the people in Africa will be only a token of what God will do to transform human hearts, whole communities and entire nations for the Kingdom of God through the gift of safe water for health and the gift of Living Water who is Jesus Christ for eternal life.  Pray with me and partner with HeartSprings to make this vision of national transformation a reality in Africa.

The place and time of installation of this first unit has not been decided.  Because of the distance and language, I was not able to prepare the church leaders as I would have liked for the gift.  I will be part of the installation when the time comes...right now this unit is a seed for transformation that I will cultivate and water for a great and future harvest.
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