International Missionaries: Sergio and Nixie
Sergio was born 1957 in San Jose, Costa Rica and Nixie was born in 1961 also in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Sergio attended college in Costa Rica and then worked for a short time for the government of Costa Rica where he spoke and awarded diplomas to graduates of a number of trade schools located throughout Costa Rica.  He felt the Lord’s hand was already on him even though he was not yet a Christian for it was an excellent preparation for the ministry.  They were both raised in the Catholic Church.  Sergio and Nixie were relatively young when they married but they desired to build a strong marriage.   God placed on their heart that the key to reaching that goal was to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  They read the Bible and prayed and learned of His ways.   God responded.  Their lives were transformed by His presence and His direction.  Soon they were working within the Catholic Church and sharing with others their experiences and leading many to Christ.  Their outreach within the church grew quickly and lives were transformed.  They led a prayer group of over 100 people but the Catholic Church was not happy and the persecution began.  Eventually they were asked them to leave the Catholic Church.  They did so and started a home church and soon the home church outgrew their home.  Their simple but dynamic message of God’s love and mercy was contagious and profound to many people.   Their ministry grew.  While pastors at a church in Costa Rica their church services for three years were televised on Spanish TBN across all Latin America.   In time God started speaking to them ‘to go and evangelize the nations’.  They accepted the call to become evangelists to Latin America and they were led to serve Him by faith.  They would accept the call to preach often without money in their pockets but God was always faithful and met their needs.  They travelled extensively throughout Latin America.  At the same time they were raising a family in Grecia, Costa Rica.  They have 3 children, Sergio Jr. who resides in Costa Rica and two daughters Angie and Daniella who are married and reside in Florida.  They are very proud grandparents of Josh their one year old grandson. 

Sergio and Nixie began travelling on mission trips with HeartSprings nearly 10 years ago to Guatemala to preach in churches and to lead the evangelistic efforts in planting the chlorine generators.   In the last 3 years they were instrumental in opening doors to HeartSprings in Mexico where they have spent much time preaching the gospel over the past several years.  They even have a television show broadcast in Matamoros in Northern Mexico twice a week.  When they are there they do a live call-in television show that has wide appeal in an area that is very dangerous due to rampant drug trade.   In addition they tape several shows that are then broadcast at later dates. 

Together they have authored three books, all published in Spanish.   They are true faithful servants of the Lord who walk the walk as well as talk the talk.  All who meet them are immediately taken with their sincerity, and their love for Jesus is compelling.
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